EP 24: Who’s Taking The Beto?

March 17, 2019
The Beto bubble is bursting early while Biden is the spaghetti and meatballs of political imagination. To discuss the centrists jumping into the 2020 fire is comedian Johan Miranda (Larry Charles' Dangerous World of Comedy) and DSA organizer Brandon Ramirez. Plus how Democrats have no real plan to fix immigration and if they did, what would it look like? And the college tuition bribery scandal brings us an edition of "Sext, Elect, Overthrow" highlighting the scourge of "influencers". 

EP 23: Progressive Pushback Over Palestine

March 7, 2019

In American politics there's only one right way to criticize Israel. Don't. But progressive congresspeople like Ilhan Omar aren't following suit, criticizing occupation and the Israeli lobby and being called antisemitic for it. This time however grassroots pressure is changing the narrative in the Democratic Party, and forcing Congress to have a good long think about its priorities. Francesca is joined by Professor Maytha Alhassen and comedian and organizer Josh Androsky. Plus a "Sext Elect Overthrow" with Kate Beckinsale, Antoni Porowski and his average guac, and Pete Davidson and his not-so-average -- you get it.

EP 22: The Politics of Domestic Work (and the ‘A-Team’ of the labor movement)

March 3, 2019
There's one movement at the crossroads of the crisis of workers rights, immigration reform, racial inequality, and even feminist politics: the movement of domestic workers.  Thankfully organizers like Jess Morales Rocketto are helping housecleaners, caregivers and nannies gain power and win rights with the National Domestic Workers Alliance. She joins Francesca along with comedian and actor Jenny Yang (Busy Tonight on E!) to talk workers rights, Beto O'Rourke, Dianne Feinstein and the attack of Green New Deal children, some late Oscars analysis and a Republican Wives Club edition of "Sext Elect Overthrow." 

EP 21: Can We Criticize Israel Yet? (LIVE!)

February 26, 2019
Why is criticizing the Israeli occupation antisemitic but Marvelous Mrs. Maisel can say 'brisket' ten times without repercussions? Three Jews and a gentile discuss the fallout of Rep. Ilhan Omar's tweets on the Israeli lobby, the hypocrisy of the right on antisemitism, and how the military industrial complex will ensure Congress' undying loyalty to our human rights-violating ally. Francesca and co-host Nato Green welcome journalist Nora Barrows Friedman (co-founder of Electronic Intifada) and comedian Matt Lieb (Newsbroke, Filmdrunk). 

EP 20: National Emergency At The Omelette Bar

February 18, 2019
Baited by the far right, Trump declares a national emergency with the same cadence that an eight year old explains the Lego movie. Plus former Starbucks CEO and presidential hopeful Howard Schultz (i.e. "HowSchu") flexes his Venti-sized elitism in a CNN town hall by declaring that he "doesn't see color." Grassroots organizer Joshua Kahn (Wildfire Project) and stand-up comedian Paco Romane (Sup Doc Podcast) join Francesca to understand attacks on progressive movements both from the far right and the far center. Plus a cultural appropriation edition of "Sext, Elect, Overthrow"! Thanks to Marc Atinkson for editing and Creative Commons music producer Kevin MacLeod. 

EP 19: The Art of the Green New Deal

February 9, 2019
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to save the planet AND the middle class? Not before Nancy Pelosi tinkles all over it. Francesca welcomes Crooked Media's Erin Gloria Ryan and The Young Turk's Brett Erlich to assess whether centrist shade has been thrown, and what the Green New Deal could mean for American politics and our future. Also why was there a war hype-man in the Capitol building during the State of the Union? And Francesca gets real about liberals fawning over AOC while still resenting Bernie Sanders. Plus "Sext, Elect Overthrow" with rising right-wing starlets including the Barbie you never played with, Tomi Lahren. 

EP 18: The Masked Democratic Primary Candidate

February 4, 2019

And so the madness begins. Not with a bang but with meaningless polling data. Two more unqualified comedians Kiran Deol (Crooked Media's "Hysteria" Podcast) and Matt Lieb (Newsbroke, Filmdrunk Podcast) join Francesca to separate centrist from progressive, shill from shrill, ego from id. We talk Cory Booker's big donors, Kamala Harris as the best on-screen President, Gillibrand, Biden, Bloomberg, Brown, Bernie, Elmo and Warren. Plus an all-acronym game of "Sext, Elect Overthrow": NFL, NSA or NPR.

EP 17: Home Is Where The Regime Change Is

January 28, 2019
Mike Pence speaks Spanish for one reason and one reason only: Venezuelan oil money. Plus another Scooby Doo moment in the Mueller investigation nabs yet another mediocre Trump crook who wasn't gonna get away with it, Roger Stone. Badass feminist organizer Blanca Missé and comedian Kevin Camia join Francesca to bitch about where real regime change is needed and how Marie Kondo would organize all of the President's book. Thanks to Marc Atkinson for the editing genius, and music producer Kevin MacLeod for the creepy jazzy intro music. 

EP16: Into the Sandersverse (LIVE!)

January 21, 2019
Teachers are organizing en masse around the country and four people are running for President whose names aren't Bernie Sanders. Comedian Joyelle Nicole Johnson (Patriot Act with Hasan Minaj, Broad City) and racial justice organizer N'Tanya Lee (Left Roots) join Francesca and Nato Green to talk about the teacher's strike, Bernie Sanders and that illusive seemingly monolithic 'black vote' and why there needs to be Grindr for black lesbians over 40. Plus "Sext, Elect, Overthrow" featuring all the superheroes that fragile straight white men hate. Also Francesca coins the phrase "college-free tuition" and no one corrects her! Enjoy. 

EP 15: Bump and Gaslight

January 14, 2019
R Kelly and Donald Trump have a striking amount of trash in common. Francesca welcomes comedian and writer Dewayne Perkins (The Break with Michelle Wolf) and journalist Paula Neudorf (YR Media & Viceland) to The Bitchuation Room to discuss how the president gets lost in his own hyperbole, the time Paula most likely met with Russian DNC hackers, and how R Kelly may actually be a skilled white supremacist. Plus a famous duos edition of Sext, Elect, Overthrow featuring Chuck and Nancy!