The Bitchuation Room

BONUS: A 1968 Kind of Year with Max Elbaum & Matt Lieb

August 27, 2020
Mass demonstrations against police killing of Black Americans, state repression, a rampant pandemic, climate emergencies and a crooked celebrity klansman to kick out of the White House. 2020 in America is shaping up to be more volatile than 1968, when millions rose up to demand systemic change and a break with the status quo. Good thing we’ve got the wonderful Max Elbaum, author of “Revolution In The Air”, to assess where we are on that long arc toward justice. 
Francesca Fiorentini
Max Elbaum (Author, Revolution In The Air: Sixties Radicals Turn to Lenin, Mao and Che & editor of
Matt Lieb (@mattlieb)

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