The Bitchuation Room

EP 14: Gym Membership or Medicare for All?

January 6, 2019

A new year means the same ole you but a new Congress! For the first time Democrats in the House will hold hearings on Medicare for All to build support for what's shaping up to be the defining issue come 2020. Helping to doctor-splain it all is Paul Song, an oncologist and president of Physicians for a National Health Program California which advocates for a single-payer Medicare for All healthcare system. We talk centrist democrats as the biggest roadblock to progress and the new PayGo rules. Also joining Francesca is comedian and host of the Unpopular Opinion podcast network Adam Tod Brown. He weights in on the Louis CK noise and breaks down what's wrong with cries of "PC culture" policing comedy. Plus "Sext, Elect, Overthrow" with Republicans who're trying to save face by pointing out the obvious about our commander in chief. 

Special thanks to Marc Atkinson for these sweet sweet edits.