The Bitchuation Room

EP 20: National Emergency At The Omelette Bar

February 18, 2019
Baited by the far right, Trump declares a national emergency with the same cadence that an eight year old explains the Lego movie. Plus former Starbucks CEO and presidential hopeful Howard Schultz (i.e. "HowSchu") flexes his Venti-sized elitism in a CNN town hall by declaring that he "doesn't see color." Grassroots organizer Joshua Kahn (Wildfire Project) and stand-up comedian Paco Romane (Sup Doc Podcast) join Francesca to understand attacks on progressive movements both from the far right and the far center. Plus a cultural appropriation edition of "Sext, Elect, Overthrow"! Thanks to Marc Atinkson for editing and Creative Commons music producer Kevin MacLeod.